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Our Trees in Projects

Berylwood Tree Farm

1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s

“Berylwood Tree Farm… the only tree farm we trust to help us turn a house into a home… our favorite tree farm for 30 years… supplying our clients the finest in tree procurement.”

Lisa Zeder, L.Z. Design Group Inc.


“Like many transplants – Rubi recently traveled thousands of miles to come live in the Emerald City. She spent over a week making the trip from her home in Somis, CA to her new digs in Seattle – specifically the South Lake Union neighborhood.

It’s a tough journey for anyone, but when you’re 55 feet tall, 22 feet wide and weigh 36,000 pounds – it’s even more of a production.

Oh – didn’t we mention? Rubi is a Ficus rubiginosa, and will be the main inhabitant of the new Amazon Spheres.”